Thursday, April 9, 2009

Weekly Want

Wow, it's only been a week since I started this blog and already I'm failing terribly!! This past week has just been super busy for me. Hopefully the long weekend will give me a chance to catch up on things.

So here is the Weekly Want, so what if it's a day late, right? When I saw these Luella sunglasses on ASOS I feel in love with them. I really like the colour and the shape of them, they look a bit retro. And look at the little cut out hearts on the arms! At $234 they're not exactly on the cheap side but I really love them so I may have to save up for them or wait till they go on sale. Or of course I could always look for a knock off pair. I'm going to sunny Las Vegas in May and will definitely need to bring a pair of shades. The ones I have now are pretty beat up so I think I deserve a new pair, don't you think !?!

I hope the Easter bunny is good to everyone this weekend! My mom gave me a pack of Marshmallow Peeps last night and I've eaten all but two! I'm starting to feel sick!!

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Styleseeking Zurich said...

thank you so much for your comment : )
yesss i use a curl iron!
ohh and i like the shades btw~~